About Mercoeur

Material...for contemplation

Material, this boundless source of inspiration, unveils its essence, its intrinsic history, and the ancestral mastery of craftspeople who exalt it through Mercoeur creations. The team, which has forged close bonds with manufacturing workshops over the last twenty years, and is forever committed to selecting highly-qualified partners, which include many "Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage-labeled companies), is perfectly conversant in craftsmanship vocabulary and able to transpose it as accurately as possible into the artistic language dear to creatives, interior designers and distributors.

Here, at Mercoeur, this exceptional know-how epitomizes the inception of a creative process and design work. By exploring the unexpected potential of ancestral manufacturing techniques, by merging these with state-of-the-art methods and processes from other creative sectors, Mercoeur invites to discover a unique perspective of decorative arts that unveils the pure magic of materials. Mercoeur furnishings and accessories, embodying ancestral mastery whilst showcasing extraordinarily-contemporary creative vision, are gifted with this special narrative spirit that instills them with distinctive exquisiteness.

The meticulous care taken by craftspeople during manufacturing and by Mercoeur teams when finishing and assembling in their workshop in the Paris region, is decisive in infusing collections with this incomparable elegance.

When tradition espouses modernity

By following in the footsteps of Biobject, which has been accompanying leading designers on the international stage for many years now to bring iconic collections to life, Mercoeur advocates the notion of creative collaboration to unveil and showcase its innovational idea of design. Although Mercoeur's creations bring time-honored know-how to the fore, they also place the spotlight on emerging young talent.
The establishment's limited-edition furnishings and accessories irrefutably exemplify its unwavering commitment to responsible manufacturing. Sustainability and reparability are, naturally, cornerstones of the project of this company which embraces the standards of excellence of yesteryear's crafts.