Serif Lamp


Marina Declarey

The Serif Lamp, fruit of an encounter between designer Marina Declarey and Maison Fey which has been perpetuating its sheathing know-how since 1910, espouses typographical eloquence to shed light on the outstanding craftsmanship of this century-old, "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant"-labeled (Living Heritage Company) establishment. By reiterating the curtain-rail leather-sheathing process on a dazzling arch, Serif renders the meticulousness and sophistication of the artisanal skill visible. This bespoke decorative, high-styled lighting fixture plays on the movement of minimalism and subtlety to highlight facets of the material and the scope of craftsmanship, culminating with saddle-stitching fringing the structural periphery. To add an ultimate touch to the lamp, an Italian lava-rock sphere, whose natural porosity reflects the beauty of the raw leather gleaming on the structure, bestows weight on the creation yet underscores its ethereal demeanor though an elegant counterpoint.

Hand-stitched, leather-sheathed metal structure

Matt-varnished, lava-rock base

Floor lamp L 1,020 X D 260 X H 1,700 mm

Table lamp L 450 X D 130 X H 560 mm

(+- 80 mm of height if with crest)